5 Reasons I love Valentine’s Day

I can’t imagine being someone who didn’t like Valentine’s Day. Regardless of being in a relationship or single, the day can always be enjoyed. You don’t need to be with someone to enjoy red/pink/hearts. Some people say well you know it’s just a Hallmark holiday. I don’t think hallmark invented it, so no it’s not. And also, who cares if companies use it to make sales anyway? It’s up to whoever buys things whether they support that or not. We all need fun little things to look forward to here and there! Don’t bring your negativity to the table. 🙂

Here’s my 5 reasons for loving Valentine’s Day!

1. Buying a cute little gift and treat for the kids. This has become a tradition over the years. My dad always bought us kids a little gift on Valentine’s Day and it was so exciting to look forward to! I’ve loved carrying that on with my kids and they count down to Valentine’s Day with me!

2. The Valentine’s decor. I love the valentines colors, so it’s such a happy vibe walking in stores and seeing pretty pink and red balloons, flowers, teddy bears etc everywhere! You can’t not feel a little warm and fuzzy inside!

3. Valentine’s candy. I’ve been the biggest fan of the original candy hearts for yeeears. Dating way back to when I was a child! And then all of the chocolate in heart shapes. It’s just all so perfect, I have such a hard time not buying it all!

4. Valentine’s Day coffee. I mean I drink coffee everyday, but when you can get a coffee for celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s that much sweeter. It’s all in perspective! Make the most out of every ordinary thing of the day, throwing a little Valentines twist on it!

5. A feeling that spring is coming! I basically think of Valentines Day as the last hurrah of winter before I can start thinking about spring. After Valentine’s Day, I start making plans for spring decor, things I need to get done outside the house, plan a little spring trip. Like March is in two weeks, we got this!

I hope you all had a super lovely Valentine’s Day and enjoyed it regardless of it all!

2 responses to “5 Reasons I love Valentine’s Day”

  1. I love this. ❤️ It looks like you had an amazing day.

    1. Thank you! Yes we did! ❤️

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