Cutting undue anxiety in daily life

I had seen a post the other day about how we as humans are not meant to know every crisis and terrible thing going on in this world. How the human brain cannot handle it. I sometimes wonder, do we nowadays have much more anxiety than people did 20 years ago? We have constant access to everything. They didn’t then. In my home, we grew up without a television, so it was the radio and newspapers where the news was found. And that didn’t even begin to cover a fraction of what info we consume now!

I’m just going to throw out a couple of examples here. Let’s say one morning, I wake up, feeling fine, I hop onto Instagram while enjoying my iced mocha, and see a post from someone I don’t even know, halfway across the country, saying how their house got broken into in the middle of the night and how terrifying it was. Now, I know peoples houses get broken into quite often. But i don’t ever think about it. However, after seeing this post, I’m now like shoot, do I have enough precautions?! What will I do if that happens? And it’s there on my mind for awhile. Like before social media times, you’d hear if it happened to someone close or there was a problem in your neighborhood. No undue anxiety from someone across the country.

Then in even bigger events. All the turmoil going on in different countries, states, wherever. It’s always front and center now when you get on google (I hate the google trending), Instagram, and instantly gets in your head. It’s stuff that literally will have no effect on your life whatsoever! But you see it and there it is. Some more anxiety. And that’s just two tiny examples. There is sooo much of it.

Everyone knows social media and just using your phone in general is an addiction. Everyone knows there are limits you should have for your usage. And everyone knows social media isn’t good for a persons mental well being. It doesn’t matter if we all know what we see isn’t always factual, it gets to us.

Why do we need to see what people we don’t even know are doing with their lives? Like honestly, who cares? That’s become one of my biggest things with writing here on my blog. I don’t want to fill you guys with my everyday, what I’m doing and useless info. I know I have. Nobody needs that. Ideally I’d love to write about things to do in places while traveling, that’s one of my biggest favorites. I’d also love to write more about mental health, relationships, stuff like that. However, I get stuck there because I get worried people will try figure out who I’m talking about 😂. But seriously I could write a novel or two on those topics. And book recommendations! I have some exciting news about books I’ll share later this week.

I’ve been steadily working on decreasing undue anxiety in my life. I don’t browse social media hardly at all anymore. Everytime I accidentally do, I regret it. During the day at home, I put my phone up on the kitchen shelf and just do my stuff. I’ll check when I get texts, calls (which Im still not a fan of) and Snapchat. Snapchat is the only social app I recommend. I only have close friends and family on there so it’s nothing I don’t want to see.:)

It’s interesting though how much I flip flopped in the past ten years or so. Back in my twenties, I was a serious homebody and didn’t really want to converse much. I had anxiety going to church, events, visiting people I didn’t know well, I’d make up excuses for everything. I’d have much rather been on social media. Now I’m like, I want real relationships. I want to visit people! I want to have people over, meet up with friends, enjoy everyone in real life. Create meaningful bonds. Nothing cuts my anxiety quite like interacting with people. It’s the best thing!

Next time you’re feeling a bit too anxious, avoid social media and the news. Text, call, meet up with someone for coffee. Contact someone you haven’t in awhile! Make the best of life. We don’t need to worry about stuff we have no business worrying about.

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

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