Book Review | Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six. A book I had high hopes for. A book I thought I would like because it had such good reviews. This book sat on my shelf for a year and a half before I finally decided to read it. And I didn’t like it.

It seems the consensus with Daisy Jones & The Six is that you love it or hate it. I had posted on my knitting Instagram stories about not liking it much and had quite a few people voice similar feelings.

First, the format of the book is a bit hard to follow. It’s basically like an interview of the band members. So it switches between them, having their name before who’s talking. I’ve never read a book like that so it took some getting used to.

Second, the story is almost all about drugs and bad relationships. In the words of today, just a whole lot of toxicity. I didn’t feel like there was an actual story to it. If I think, now what was the main objective of this book, there isn’t much of one.

Third, none of the characters really had anything special going for them. None of them stood out and hooked you in, where you wanted to read more of their interview lines. It was nearly boring.

Fourth, there wasn’t very much descriptions of scenes, facial expressions, or what have you. Whenever I read books, I have a vision of where they’re at and what the scene looks like based on the information the author gives. It’s one of the fun parts of reading! There was only one part where I had an image of what it looked like and that was just a photo shoot. So that also threw off the vibe.

I think there’s a good chance this just isn’t my type of book. I’m more into psychological thrillers and books that keep me on my toes. This was a very put down able book. Some people told me they didn’t even bother finishing it. I finished it in hopes maybe there was a surprise ending that made it better. There wasn’t.

I’ve read a couple of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s other books and I did enjoy those. This one just didn’t do it for me.

5 responses to “Book Review | Daisy Jones & The Six”

  1. Amazing post
    Great blog post! It’s interesting to hear your perspective on Daisy Jones & The Six. I agree with you that the format of the book can be hard to follow, but I actually enjoyed the interview style. My question for you is, have you read any other books in the same format that you found more engaging?

    1. Thank you!! I actually haven’t read any others with this style of writing. I would definitely give it a shot though if I find another!

  2. After suffering through the series, I doubt that reading the book would make a difference. Cocaine, cocaine and more cocaine washed down with booze is what 70s rock n roll was about. Everyone in the music biz had a white powder around their nostrils and was consistently messed up. This is not entertainment folks. Oh yes, the Fleetwood Mac gang had only one decent album, Rumors, and that was it.

    1. Yes that was my take too. Not entertaining at all! It got rather tiresome very quickly! I had someone else say the series was just as bad and basically pointless. So it’s interesting where all the hype came from.

      1. Seems everything nostalgic is hyped these days. I was a musician in the 70s and saw this first hand. Nothing to write about or fondly remembered. It’s Amazon and Netflix for crying out loud, that’s the hype. Good take on this stuff, nicely done.

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