what I do for instant happiness

It’s going to be April in a few days. I’m 99.9% certain March here has been colder than January. For sure colder than February. We’ve been basically trapped indoors for six months. Like there’s literally no sign of spring in the near future forecast either. I’ve been praying for spring for months and I think I’m just done looking forward to it. Im resigning to eternal winter. I know I’m being pessimistic but I’ve run out of the strength to keep hope. I’m disappointed every time I check my accuweather app, which is multiple times per day, and I’ve just had enough.

However miserable as that may sound, I really don’t want to add more misery on to life by focusing on how cold it is. Therefore, it’s back to the basics of enjoying the little things in the moment. No more looking forward to things that may or may not come to pass.

1. Iced coffee. Instant happiness. Nothing like it. The first sip of that deliciousness is something for the books. 🧊 ☕️

2. New books. Speaking of books. Haha. I get more excited about a new book than I do about nearly anything else. If I could, I’d immerse myself in books every free moment I had. 📚

3. Driving. I love driving. Even just today when I ran to get my donut pickup and coffee. The sun was shining, and just driving down the road gives me so much happy vibes. Makes me think of better times and happy times to come! There I go looking to the future again. 🚙

4. Donuts. Since I got my sourdough donuts today! The cookies and cream ones she’s making are insane. So good. 🍩

5. Baby hugs. Ugh my baby gives the best hugs ever. She wraps her little arms around my neck, presses her cheek to mine, and squeezes. If only we could all express our love like a baby does. ❤️

6. Working out. Don’t even need to add on to that. 🏋️‍♀️

7. Taking photos. I love it. I used to spend so much time photographing everything. It’s so fun to me to capture all the things I love and that catch my eye. 📷

8. Dreaming of the cabin in Michigan. Okay, this is one future thing I can fully optimistically look forward to because it absolutely never disappoints. As long as winter is gone by august. 🤞🏻

9. Deep cleaning. There’s such a good feeling to going through stuff and just getting rid of anything that’s not useful or you have too much of. Then washing everything down. Seriously amazing. It’s like cleansing negativity away. 🧹

10. Taking a moment to appreciate being alive. Anything is possible still.

Happy Wednesday you guys!

4 responses to “what I do for instant happiness”

  1. Winter just has to end!!!

  2. Art & I are at long beach right now for two nights. Today was beautiful with an awesome sunset!! Supposed to be cloudy tomorrow but no rain til Friday!!👌🏼

    1. Lucky you guys!! Soak it up and enjoy!

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