Book of the Month

A couple weeks ago, book of the month sent me an email about doing a paid partnership with them. Which is like the coolest thing, my type of dream partnership! There’s a super good chance that I actually like to read more than I do knit. So yeah, I was basically on cloud nine after getting that email!

They had me pick out two books from their new April releases. I chose The Only Survivors by Megan Miranda as I love that author and I actually had that book ready to preorder in my target cart. Then the book Adelaide which I’ve never heard of, but it sounded good!

Honestly I’d never even heard of book of the month before, but when I checked it out, I’m like that’s actually pretty awesome! You get to pay a monthly subscription, skip a month if you need, pretty flex, and choose a new release.

If you buy new releases like I do, it’s totally worth it. I get so excited when my authors have new releases coming out and I scoop them up the instant they’re available. Without fail.

It’s actually funny. My kids straight up laugh at me when I get new books delivered, my joy is overwhelming. You know that super amazing feeling of happiness, books do that to me. I love it.

This preordered book from Target came today!

I think books have been my way of dealing with grief after losing my dad. I read all the time when I was a kid/teen, but after having kids, that got far and few between. Since he passed away almost three years ago, I’ve read well over a hundred books.

There’s nothing like sitting down with a new book, drink (alani energy drinks are my fav), and reading the night away.

Also, my book of the month partnership is for my knitting account, but I’ll just add here you can use promo code SPRING and get your first book for $9.99!

Happy Wednesday guys!

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