Book Review | The Soulmate

Last night I finished the latest book from Sally Hepworth called The Soulmate.

I loved it! Her books are amazing. This one was another that just couldn’t be put down. I have a knitting project I’ve been trying to work on, but the pull to read this was stronger, so this it was! At this rate, I’m never going to finish my new design. I read On the 745 by Lisa Unger earlier this week. 🙈 So long knitting.

This book was slightly similar to the Lisa Unger book I just read. Not at all in the story, but the characters marital strife. About not really knowing who their own spouse truly is until things just explode. Then looking back, it’s like oh yeah all the red flags were there, they were just explained away, dismissed.

This story is a bit hard to categorize. It was partial psychological thriller, but not like too thriller. More like a psychological drama. It wasn’t creepy or unnerving, but filled with marital strife and mental health problems and a little tiny bit of murder. Like no scenes though.

I won’t give the story away obviously, but I’ll fill you in on how the storyline is. It’s told from the viewpoints of both the main character Pippa and the woman who died, Amanda. Then from each of them, they share their story from Then and Now. So it switches up a bit, but it was easy enough to follow.

There are many surprising twists and you find yourself rooting for Pippa and Amanda. It’s a story of love and when love crosses boundaries. A story of determining how much you will take and at what point enough is enough. That no matter how much you try to help someone, sometimes they cannot be helped.

Funny thing too, three out of six of my children had characters with their names in The Soulmate. After the second, I had taken pics and sent to one of my sisters marveling at it, then turned the page and a third was introduced. Kind of amusing.

I loved the ending to this book too and just honestly can’t recommend it enough!

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